Another great day to tell you about. First of all, it was the first day of sun in HK. Finally! I got so happy so I had to go up to the top floor and see the pool area for the first time. It is amazing! But I was so hungry I had to find something to eat and then I went out in the city. I had arranged a meeting with my father’s college at the stock exchange and decided to try the metro for the first time. I’m amazed how clean and fresh it is, and it was not too complicated to understand how to buy tickets and so on. Now I think I will go with the metro a lot more and not risk my life walking in some streets…

It was very easy to find the building and I couldn’t help but notice that the clothing store to the left was incredible nice, although quite expensive. The lobby was exclusive and the people in the entrance super helpful. I got to the right floor and my fathers college greeted me in the entrance. So fun to see him and he gave me a little tour and talked about what was going on at the moment. I also got to say hi to another swede working there, all of them told me it was obvious I was Håkans daughter. Everyone was so friendly and gave me some advices for my journey.

After the visit I went to some stores and coincidently I bumped into Marla who also was a little early in the city. We had decided to all meet up and go together to the island of Lantau. Marla and I had a fabulous lunch at the Landmark Galleria and for desert we bought some macaroons from Ladurée. But the mission of today was to go to visit the Big Buddha of Lantau. So we met up Lauréne and Kelly and took the metro to the island. At the island we were able to take a cable car up in the mountain. The view was breathtaking and it was obviously a very good choice instead of taking a bus. (It also got me thinking a lot of skiing…) When we finally came up to the top we walked a lot of stairs to finally reach the main attraction, the Big Buddha. We also visited the monastery Po Lin with the thousand golden Buddha’s. It was a little touristy, but I would definitely recommend going here. The nature and views over the islands around HK was amazing and it felt good to see something else than crowded streets and skyscrapers. By the time we got down from the top, we were really tired and took the metro home to central. When we were finally there we were also very hungry and decided to take the first restaurant possible, and we ended up at a pretty decent Italian place for some pasta and red wine. All in all, a very good day!


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