So because I have ants in my pants and the prices are just getting higher and higher, I finally booked the ticket. The ticket to China. So excited. My welcome package from the university has not yet arrived, but I might as well book the ticket anyway. Decided to go with Cathy Pacific Airways since they have their major hub in Hongkong and they seem to have pretty good reviews. The journey will take 17h and I need to change plane in Doha, another country I've not yet been to... Well now that is done and that is actually a relief. Time to start preparing! 
Since the thoughts about China was still on my mind, I decided to open my Chineasy book. I've always hated to not know everything from the beginning so I will have to really focus now and make sure I have fun with this. Learning a new language is never easy, but I mean, Chineas!? That's so complex! New figures and sounds at the same time. Today I have learned a few basic characters and how you combine them to make new words. Up until now it is pretty fun! ✌️

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