Since the weather is going to change to thunderstorms I didn’t want to waste the second sunny day and the chance to hang out by the amazing rooftop pool at the hotel. So that’s what I did. But first I enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the hotel as well. Pancakes, fruit, omelets, spring rolls, toast, yes my apatite had come back aging after a day of stomach ache.


I spent all morning by the pool but by lunch I decided it was enough, and I went to Causeway Bay in the east part of HK. Finally there I thought to myself if I was a idiot who wanted to walk around in the crowded streets a hot day as this. Ironically one of the first shops I see is IKEA. Surprised to se an IKEA in the middle of a city and just because it is IKEA of course I had to check it out. It was the smallest and most crowded IKEA I’ve ever visited, and I felt so nostalgic when I came to the food store in the end. But I didn’t buy anything because I don’t really miss any Swedish things, yet. After the short visit at IKEA I went to Victoria Park. To be honest, it was not too much to see except for the fun part of watching people.


I new the yacht club was supposed to be quite close to the park, so I walked to the harbor, but they were building a lot down there so I ended up on quite narrow passages and quite suspect roads, when I finally saw a sight about the yacht club I was so hot and tired I just wanted to find my way out of this mess and find a nice café for a cold drink.


Next on my list was the exhibition center, which is HK’s answer to the Sydney Opera house if we talk in terms of architecture. To be able to get there I walked on a road that only had interior design shops. Kitchen shops, bathroom shops, light shops, flooring shops and so on. Its quite funny because I’ve realized that HK is quite often organized so the same kind of shops are at the same place. When I finally reached the exhibition center I was quite disappointed about the architecture but I found a great art exhibition.


Now I’m back at the hotel and I can certainly see that I have been out in the sun, I’m close to a tomato… Next time I need to put on double sunscreen. 



Postat av: Ylva

skönt att du fick lite sol också

Svar: Det var verkligen skönt, imorgon ser det ut att bli ösregn igen... Men man vet aldrig, verkar skifta snabbt här! :)

2015-09-05 @ 20:25:07

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