I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t written almost anything the last month, for all of you who want to follow my adventure you can trust my Instagram (@jwinbom). I will upload pictures way more frequently on my Instagram, but as everything seems to fall into place I guess I will have more time for the blog. 

The first month in Guangzhou has passed so quickly, I can’t even understand it. Although it seems like I just arrived in this city, a lot of things has happened. I have an apartment, I have started to study and made a lot of new friends. China is starting to feel like home. I have even signed up for a gym and after a couple of classes I already have some local friends there. Feels really good to have friends outside the exchange student community as well. I’m also so thankful for my group of amazing Chinese study buddies. Patrick, William and Jasmine are my angels. They will help me whenever I need it. Like the yesterday when I went to the pharmacy because I have a cold. With some simple English words and a lot of body language its not always so easy to get what you want. At least I could send pictures of everything when I came home and they could tell me what everything actually was. Now I know the area where I live pretty well and I'm also able to get around the city with the metro. We eat at restaurants most of the time since it's the cheapest opinion. We have several really good Dim Sum restaurants in our block but you can never really be sure what you order. Every meal is an adventure, slowly we pick up some words and gain experience. The bad experiences is clearly outnumbered by the good ones in the end and I am so happy to be able to get to know a totally new food culture.


I have just finished all my homework for the coming week after the holiday and tonight we are going to catch a flight to Bangkok, Thailand. My flat mate Johannes is already there because his girlfriend is doing her exchange semester there so we plant to meet up with them after a couple of days in Bangkok. I’m so excited, its been five years since I went to Bangkok and its going to be so much fun to se what has happened to the city since last time! I hope this cold disappear really fast now, Alejandro is currently making a super spicy lunch to scare away the viruses. I really want to be able to enjoy some Thai massage and have energy to be out in the city all day long. Hoping for the best!



Postat av: Ylva

Kul att se hur du har det, ser ju fint ut

Svar: Jag har det jättebra här mamma! :D

2015-10-14 @ 21:23:37

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