First of all, let me introduce you to the subject of this post. Canton Fair is Asia’s largest B2B fair. The fair is held every year in three intense phases. The fair started last week and the first phase included mostly electronically products like microwaves, dishwashers and motorbikes and so on. This time it was furniture in the centre of attention. I was in heaven. Älvsjö Stockholmsmässan, släng dig i väggen! 

The Canton fair is first of all very very huge. It’s kind of hard to grasp how big it is. But I would say maybe the Stockholm fair times 20. Row after row of things. All the things you can possibly imagine. Throughout the hole period of the fair I think you will be able to find almost every kind of product you have ever seen in your entire life. The understand of the three words “Made in China” kind of jumps at you while browsing the stands, and it becomes quite obvious that this country is the largest manufacturing country in the world. What about the first phase? Actually I got very excited when I understood that lighting would be a big part of this phase. Although, I kind of got a little disappointed of the supply. I wasn’t really impressed of anything basically and my take of this is that although the display was huge and you could se extremely many light fixtures, is was kind of a mess. No red thread so to speak. Kind of chaotic and most of the things were quite lame in terms of design. The largest part of the lighting hall was showing of LED bulbs, and although I really took my time browsing the rows of bulbs as well I didn’t find anything that I haven’t seen already or that I believed in. Although the lights were not super exciting, to be able to visit this place was enough. I was actually amazed of how international it felt and I can easily see myself visit this place more times in the future. Basically it followed exactly the same routines as the furniture fair in Stockholm. I felt at home instantly. Did a little show of barging with the people in the showrooms, and got loads of catalogues and business cards. After the lighting section, I simply went on and browsed around the fair.

The second phase started today and this time furniture were in the centre. Since I was kind of disappointed of the first round I didn’t have the same expectations this time. But this time I instantly got a smile on my face while walking into the home decorations section. Paradise. Still, 99% of the products are shit, but if you have the eyes of an eagle you are able to find really nice things. I kept thinking to myself “Why am I not a fulltime interior buyer traveling the world yet??”. I kind of wanted to be it for a long time now, should I just go for it? Sometimes there is too many interesting opportunities in front of you you simply feel overwhelmed. One thing is for sure, I have a feeling that this is not going to be the last time I visit this fair, it’s simply too much of a passion of mine. 

Hope you enjoy my photos!! 

Love Jenny

Postat av: Ylva

Du kanske kommer dit i framtiden också who knows =)

Svar: Jag tror det! 🤗

2015-10-30 @ 11:52:14

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