My first day in HK has been wonderful. Although very very rainy! I've strolled through the centre lf HK called Central. All the way to the Hongkong Park and then I went all around higher up in the mountain and without looking at the map I was able to find myself home to my hotel. But I can honey tell you I became happy when I saw the massive building with huge text on the side. I don't live in the centre of the city but everything is close by anyways. 

It's facinating how fast you adapt to a new place. I've only been here for one day and I already feel quite comfortable. I guess it's only the climate that will take some time to adjust to, after only a minute or two you are all sweaty and you wondering why you bothered taking a shower.  

In the evening I met up with two French girls, Laurène and Kelly, for dinner. We went to a Chinese place and tasted three courses together but to be honest, it was the worst meal I've had in a long time. Luckily the company were better. They are super cute both of them and Kelly even have a sister living in HK, the perfect guide! After dinner another student came to see us, Marla from Germany. She was also so sweet and we went to a place called Ce La Vi, a club with a rooftop bar on the top. The view was incredible! So much fun to get to know some fellow students already! Later Kelly's sister came to see us as well and we realized we were in the same age. When I decided to go home Kelly's sister and her friend walked me almost all the way home. 

Everything becomes so easy when you travel, you become friends with people in an instant and everywhere you go people are nice and helpful. 

Now I have to decide what to do with this day! I've slept too long! Haha, but i needed it. My feet are already soar after all the walking yesterday. 


Postat av: Ylva

Låter ju bra det där hoppas du hittar godare mat nån annanstans då.

Svar: Ja, det gäller att prova sig fram helt enkelt. :)

2015-09-03 @ 12:10:17

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