Randomly stumbled across a little food store in the neighborhood and look what I found? Swedish råkost and a large collection of Absolute Vodka. But that was not all, I also found Cinnamon!! Finally I will be able to eat oats in the morning like I always do and skip the terrible jam I've found in the supermarket. 

Being in a foreign country surely makes you feel so extremely Swedish all the time. Sometimes I think I should only eat Chinese food, but in the end it's some sort of security and comfort to eat at least breakfast according to your routines. My stomach is pretty messed up anyways. Eating the cheap street food almost every day for lunch, I just try to not think about gutter oil and that kind of stuff. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like to see any kitchen in this country. A bad day I just want to go to Subway or some place where you can actually se every ingredient that will be in your food. 

The exchange student life in China, 


Postat av: Ylva

Känner igen det där från våra år i US blev alldeles lyriska när vi stötte på en tysk slaktare som hade skinka så vi kunde fixa julskinka =) Annars var det ju IKEA som gällde men då på tiden låg det i Philadelphia så det var lite långt att åka

2015-11-01 @ 22:06:09

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