After quickly galansing through the great guide of Beijing and Shanghai I realized I really need one of the south of China as well. Found this book about whole China and it will be great for inspirational use. Starting to get a picture of Canton/Guangzhou and I understand that I have to learn some Chinese, otherwise I will be pretty lost. Found this amazing book that will probably teach me a lot. The images and graphics are extraordinary! So excited, want to start learning right away but I will have to leave it for three more weeks. When this semester is over I will jump right into it! 

Until next time,

Jenny 🌺

Postat av: Gås

Mkt spännande detta! Du får lära mig lite kinesiska sen!

Svar: Absolut!! Det kommer bli mycket intressant att se om jag kan lära mig något! ☺️

2015-05-16 @ 20:18:28

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