Today I met up with the other Master student going to Guangzhou and a student from Lingnan University who is currently doing his exchange semester here at Stockholm Business School. After total confusion about what cafeteria we would be at, we found each other and had a lovely chat for a couple of hours. Learned a lot of new things, for instance, how will I survive without Gmail and doing group projects without Google Drive? Apparently there are Chinese alternatives available... Although it doesn't feel right to register a Hotmail account! 

The Chinese school might also not be as though as I've heard, casual clothing is common in class and as a student you are allowed to skip a lecture sometimes. Housing still seems like one of the main issues, but my new friend promise to help out. Going to Guangzhou, I'm in for a cultural language challenge, English is not too common outside University. I'll be taking Mandarin courses, but most people speak Cantonese! Even my new friend who is fluent in Mandarin is worried of the difficulty finding a job in the city, since he doesn't understand Cantonese. 

A lot of thoughts are running through my head now. Until next time, 


Postat av: Ylva

Spännande , låter ju troligt att det talas cantones i Canton :)

Svar: Haha, eller hur! 😗

2015-05-26 @ 19:42:58

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